Windows Phone is now called Windows Mobile (again) and I will save my comments about the constant name changing of products for a different post. I have used a Widows Phone for many years,¬†since Windows 7, and have some doubts about the future of the platform. I “needed” (more wanted really) a new phone. More Read More →

Transitioning from other source control providers Rule #1 – Throw away any vocabulary that you have regarding version control,¬†Git is different. I am not saying that your knowledge of source control concepts doesn’t apply. I am saying that your vocabulary used to describe the concepts is going to change. Rule #2 – Don’t think that Read More →

New blog software to go with my new job. I have moved from the Operating Systems Group into Developer Platform & Evangelism. Specifically, I am part of the Partner Catalyst Team under John Schewchuk. I am working on week 3 with things shaping up to be a great adventure and I am really looking forward Read More →