I recently attended a hack fest with Catalina Marketing where we were working with Windows 10 IoT devices connected directly to printers sending printer telemetry to Azure for real-time data analysis with tools like Stream Analytics and Power BI. In order to have a place for me and a few others to share some code a coworker of mine created a Git repository using Visual Studio Online and we were off to the races. All was fine till I got back into my office this morning and cloned the repo onto my desktop. After a few minutes of trouble shooting and scratching my head wondering why my reference to Moq isn’t getting restored I realized that the repository had been created in Visual Studio Online with a space in the name (totally legal), “Catalina Marketing” instead of “CatalinaMarketing” so the root of my repository was “e:\repos\Catalina%20Marketing”. I figured it was worth a try and deleted the “%20” part of the directly name reducing it to simply “e:\repos\CatalinaMarketing”. After opening the project Visual Studio 2015 kicked right into gear downloading the Moq package from NuGet and I was back to green light racing.

If you are migrating projects to Visual Studio 2015 you can follow this post to migrate to NuGet Automatic Package Restore.


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