Transitioning from other source control providers

Rule #1 – Throw away any vocabulary that you have regarding version control, Git is different. I am not saying that your knowledge of source control concepts doesn’t apply. I am saying that your vocabulary used to describe the concepts is going to change.
Rule #2 – Don’t think that you can guess at what the commands do. Take the time to read about the commands and save yourself a ton of headache.


Git Resources

Official Git site



Deep Dive into Git with Team Foundation Server
Edward Thomson and Martin Woodward provide a solid overview of Git and what the internals look like. This video will help anyone who is familiar with server centric source control understand why Git is so much faster. Topics not covered here are code reviews, sharing code between developers and branching and merging strategies.


Pluralsight has three courses on Git.






Martin Woodward has a great article that outlines how to work with Git command line on Windows. Follow these instructions to get a nice command line environment in windows up and running. This article also shows how to get posh-git up and running.


NOTE: don’t skip this step you will want a command line environment.
***git-credential-winstore.exe  troubleshooting***
1. Setup alternate credentials for your TFS online account
2. After performing a pull request via powershell, if you are still being prompted for credentials
3. Perform the following :
my global git –config with the following:[user]
name = <your-name>
email = <your-email-address>
default = simple
helper = !\”C:/GitExtensions/git-credential-winstore.exe\”the path above should point to the location of the git-credential-winstore.exethe global config is located at : C:\Users\[username]\.gitconfig



Paul Stadig – Thou Shalt Not Lie: Git rebase, amend, squash, and other lies


Vincent Driessen – A Successful Git Branching Model



Visual Studio Online – Using pull requests to merge and review code


Visual Studio Online – Using branch polices to control merge behaviors

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