I recently made a suggestion to my wife that we should stop purchasing DVD movies for our young children and instead by them through the Windows store so we can easily watch them on multiple devices including the Xbox. After a little convincing my wife decided to give it a try and of course ran into some issues along the way. Before we get started with the list of events in the order that they happened here is a little bit about the equipment that she is using.

Surface 3 – 4GB model
Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 8.1

My wife went to the Store application and found the specific movie she wanted to purchase. She made the purchase and got through the exchange of funds without any real issue. After wondering where she was supposed to go to actually play the movie she stumbled into the Movie & TV application and found the movie in her collection, pressed play and the movie was streaming. All good… sort of. She stopped the streaming of the movie and pressed the download button. Nothing happened. Pressing it a few more times didn’t change the outcome. At this point in time she give the computer to me and says, “Its broken – fix it.” So I pressed the download button a few more times and still nothing is downloading. This isn’t the kind of problem that I usually fix.

I started poking around on the web and found that perhaps “wsreset” might fix it as it has fixed other things from the store that failed to download. After executing “wsreset” as an administrator several times being careful to let it finish all the way (console window will take a while to close). Still the download button didn’t work. Now my wife is upset with the computer and with me so we called customer support (I can’t believe I am admitting to it). Customer support was pleasant and after a few minutes told us that we needed to “reset Windows”. What???

Turns out that there is a chance that if you upgraded to Windows 10 some of the apps don’t work exactly right or may have been stuck on a version of the app that can’t work correctly after other services have changed. Having this new information from customer service I quickly logged in as myself (an account that I added after the upgrade) and found that I was able to download a movie that I had purchased a while ago. Elementary my dear Watson, elementary. I quickly double checked that all of the documents my wife has on the Surface are in OneDrive and not in the “Documents” folder. Then I checked to make sure that all of the settings from the Surface had been backed up. Knowing that all this was in place I logged her out and deleted her account from the Surface including the data using my account. If you didn’t already have a second account on the computer you would have to add one. Don’t forget to make it an admistrator. After her account was deleted I rebooted the Surface for good measure and then added her account back. This process was signifigantly cheaper than going through the “refresh windows” step. Because the account was added back using her exact same Microsoft Account all of her settings were restored. She was able to login and download the movie for offline viewing without any further issues.

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